Welcome to the Dresdenverse. In the shadows around an ignorant and unsuspecting humanity, dark and powerful things dwell. Beyond the grasp of science, sorcerors bend reality to their whims while vampires feed upon the mortal herd. Cruel fae and heartless demons bend humanity to their will while waging endless wars amongst themselves. Fortunately, a few points of light stand against the darkness. Holy warriors wielding legendary weapons. Cursed men and women fighting against the evil in the shadows while battling the evil within themselves. Powerful wizards turning their spells against the twisted nightmares of the dark. Children of power using their gifts for the good of the world while struggling against their nature. Even a few ordinary people standing up against the shadows with little more than their wits and their will. This is their story.

Welcome everyone to the Dresden Files game. I’ve put a few helpful links here to help with getting started. I’m planning on setting the campaign either around or shortly before the first book in the Dresden Files series so if you haven’t read them, no problem. Though they are quite enjoyable. I’m not sticking entirely to Dresden canon if anyone wants to play a character that would fill an role that’s already filled in the books (i.e. a Knight of the Cross or Faerie Knight).
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Dresden Files: Shades of Gray

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